Avda. Doctor Arce, 37. 28002. Madrid (Spain)


The Translational Neuroscience department studies serious disorders of the brain, nerves and muscles,working on the discovery of the underlying mechanisms, and operating from different levels of analysis: molecular, cellular, synaptic, reticular, cognitive and regulatory.

Responsible for the department: José Luis Trejo Pérez


Neurovascular Research Group

Líder del grupo: Ricardo Martínez Murillo

Determinantes de fisiología mitocondrial y transferencia intercelular en sistema nervioso

Jefe de grupo: Rubén Quintana Cabrera

García Marqués Lab

Jefe de grupo: Jorge García Marqués

Neurogenesis in the Adult Individual

Group leader: José Luis Trejo Pérez

Experimental and computational electrophysiology

Group leader: Óscar Herreras Espinosa

Neuropharmacology Laboratory

Group leader: Javier Garzón Niño